NEW - Bitmain Overclocking Power Supply PSU Mod/Upgrade Kit - S19, S19 Pro, L7, etc.

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NOTE - PLEASE READ: Please double check compatibility. Some Bitmain miners power hashboards with 12-15V volts, while others run on 14-17V. Check the sticker on your power supply to verify which version you need

Increase your hashrate by as much as 100% on almost any Bitmain miner in immersion, or ~40% on air cooling! We recommend leaving at least 500w of headroom when overclocking, as Bitmain miner's power draw can vary depending on the environmental temperature. For example, if using a 5000w overclocking PSU, do not apply settings that cause the miner to draw more than 4500w, as otherwise the PSU may fail if the temperatures increase significantly at a later date.

Use in correlation with Manifold Mining custom firmware to obtain 40+% hashrate increase over stock configuration on T19, S19, S19 Pro, S19J, S19J Pro. If you have a 19 series miner that does not currently have publicly released custom firmware such as L7, S19 XP, etc, we can still help increase hashrate, please contact us directly for details.

30 day warranty on all overclocking products.



Acceptable Input voltage: 180-300V AC,  50-60Hz

Plugs: 7kw model uses C19/C20 plugs, all other models use C13/C14 plugs

Efficiency: ~93% for all models

Operational Temperature: -25C to 45C