C13 Power Cables (1.2M) USA & EU Models AWG-14

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Warning: C13 to USA cables are only compatible with 110v Antminers (i.e. Antminer s9). Only use C13 to C14 cables with 220v units (i.e. T17, S17). 


These are heavy duty cables with thick AWG-14 diameters. Due to the high and constant power draw miners demand, using a higher AWG size (smaller diameter cables), is potentially dangerous as they can overheat and melt. Retain complete peace of mind with these high wattage, high efficiency copper cables. They are rated for:

15 Amps at 60 degrees C

20 Amps at 75 degrees C

25 Amps at 90 degrees C


All orders will be shipped out by UPS ground within one week of being placed.