USED Bitmain Antminer S17+ 76TH w/ UPGRADED HEATSINKS - SHA256 BTC Miner

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All variants come with original power supplies (usually APW9+ 3600w). Dual C-13 cables (sold separately) will be required for operation.  

In stock models usually ship within a week of order date. Backorder items are ordered from our supplier based in China, and as such they are usually delivered within 4-8 weeks.

As these products are used, cosmetic condition is not guaranteed. Only full functionality and hashrate is guaranteed. 


If custom firmware is selected, you will have the ability to apply different overclocking or undervaluing profiles that the official software does not allow. Custom firmware possible profiles:

Air cooling:

"~52.5TH, ~1710W"

"~55.7TH, ~1848W"

"~58.9TH, ~1980W"

"~62.5TH, ~2124W"

"~65.9TH, ~2284W"

"~68.8TH, ~2430W"

"~72.5TH, ~2604W"

"~75.8TH, ~2880W"

"~78.6TH, ~3100W"

"~82.3TH, ~3260W"

"~85.5TH, ~3490W"

Immersion Cooling Required:

"~88.8TH, ~3860W"

"~92TH, ~4090W"

"~95TH, ~4280W"


If official Bitmain software is selected only the default profiles will be useable. Additionally, aggressive overclocking (above 85TH) is not recommended, as it can cause damage to miner if overheating occurs.


Upgraded heatsinks solve a fundamental design flaw with 17 Series Bitmain miners: Over time, the copper layer that holds the stock heatsinks to the chips degrades, eventually resulting in the heatsink permanently falling off. The only option at that point is to swap out the chip entirely (a very expensive and time consuming solution), only for other chips to fail in the same way soon after. With Manifold Mining upgraded heatsinks, you won't need to worry about your miners taking damage in shipping, future longevity of the chips, or degradation of resale value due to stock heatsink issues.