Manifold Mining - Upgraded Firmware

Manifold Mining is proud to announce our custom ASIC Firmware for Antminer and Whatsminer (NEW!) models. The custom firmware increases the hashrate performance while improving the power efficiency and provides additional features that allows you more control over your device.

Feature highlight

  • Improved hashrate performance - on average an increase of 10%+ can be expected for Antminer S9 and 40%+ for Antminer S17
  • Improved power efficiency by tuning of each individual ASIC chip
  • Both overclocking and underclocking are supported
  • Easy to use - select a target hashrate and the firmware will take care of all details
  • Flexible by allowing manual tuning and many configuration settings
  • Antivirus to prevent and recover from virus attacks
  • Very low power usage (25W) in case the Internet connection is lost - compared to the Bitmain firmware consuming maximum power
  • Immersion cooling support


NEW! Whatsminer M20 & M30 Overclock/Tuning/Immersion Firmware: 

Installer and Setup package

Web Flash Firmware

Download firmware Version
S9 Firmware 3.9.0
L3/L3+/L3++ Firmware 3.9.0
T17 Firmware 2.0.4
T17+ Firmware 2.0.4
S17 Firmware 2.0.4
S17+ Firmware 2.0.4
T9+ Firmware 3.9.0

SD card images

For Antminers where it isn't possible to install the firmware due to the Bitmain signature validation it's possible to flash the firmware to the Antminer using an SD-card.

Download firmware Version

S9 SD Firmware

L3/L3+/L3++  SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
T17 SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
T17+ SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
S17 SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
S17+ SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
T9 SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD

Download and Install

  • Antminer L3+ running Bitmain firmware from July 2019 - requires SD-card to install
  • Antminer S17/T17 running Bitmain firmware from December 2019 - requires SD-card to install
  • Antminer S17+/T17+ - requires SD-card to install