Manifold Mining - Custom Firmware

Manifold Mining Antminer Firmware

We are proud to present our custom Antminer Firmware. The custom firmware improves the hashrate performance, increases the power efficiency and provides more features.

Feature highlight

  • Improved hashrate performance - on average an increase of 10%+ can be expected for Antminer S9 and 40%+ for Antminer S17
  • Improved power efficiency by tuning of each individual ASIC chip
  • Both overclocking and underclocking are supported
  • Easy to use - select a target hashrate and the firmware will take care of all details
  • Flexible by allowing manual tuning and many configuration settings
  • Antivirus to prevent and recover from virus attacks
  • Very low power usage (25W) in case the Internet connection is lost - compared to the Bitmain firmware consuming maximum power
  • Immersion cooling support

Mining fee

  • The firmware has a mining fee of either 2% or 3% (on average a bit lower, about 1.8% and 2.8%)
  • The mining fee is based on a parallel mining concept to avoid any interruptions to the normal mining

    SD card images

    For Antminers where it isn't possible to install the firmware due to the Bitmain signature validation it's possible to flash the firmware to the Antminer using an SD-card. For detailed instructions, see the documentation here

    Download firmware Version Mining fee

    S9 SD Firmware

    L3/L3+/L3++  SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
    T17 SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
    T17+ SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
    S17 SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
    S17+ SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD
    T9 SD Firmware 1.0.0-SD

    Download and Install

    • Antminer L3+ running Bitmain firmware from July 2019 - requires SD-card to install
    • Antminer S17/T17 running Bitmain firmware from December 2019 - requires SD-card to install
    • Antminer S17+/T17+ - requires SD-card to install

    Important steps after the installation

    • It's important to select a Mining Profile (the hashrate level you want), otherwise there will not be any significant hashrate improvements. The mining profile can be set via the Antminer web interface.
      • Antminer web interface: Go to Miner Configuration -> Mining profiles
    • After selecting a Mining Profile, the miner will restart itself a number of times over the next few hours. This is expected and part of the optimization process.

    Please contact us for any questions about the installation.


    After the firmware upgrade, why isn't the Antminer web interface isn't working correctly?

    Please hold down the Ctrl key and press the Reload button in the web browser or use the key combination Ctrl+F5. This will clear any cache of the old firmware user interface and resolve the problem. For more information see the Wikipedia guide about fully reloading a web page.

    Why is the miner restarting itself?

    If the Mining Profile is configured for Full Reboot, the miner can reboot it self in order to better tune or correct poor performing mining chips. It's expected that a miner will reboot a few times when using the firmware for the first time.

    What is the mining fee?

    The firmware has a built-in mining fee to support the development of the firmware. The goal of the firmware is to provide significantly better hashrate performance, more features and improved integration, making the mining fee very affordable.

    The mining fee is either 2% or 3% depending on firmware. Example: With a total hashrate of 15TH/s and 2% mining fee, no more than 0.3TH/s will be used for the mining fee.

    The mining fee consist of two pools named DevFee that are running mining in parallel. These two pools are working with a very low difficulty level, resulting in a high number of accepted shares. A high number of shares doesn't indicate that the DevFee pools are taking all hashrate - it's a result of the low difficulty level for each of the shares.

    Please contact us for additional information about the firmware.